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Dreaming of Daisy ebook

Dreaming of Daisy ebook

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Main Tropes

  • Second Chance Romance
  • Family Saga
  • Returning Home
She left him once to live her dream, but can she do it again?

With big dreams of seeing her name in lights on Broadway, Daisy Hayes left behind her small town, family, and the only boy she ever loved. Six years later, broke, unsuccessful, and on the brink of being homeless, she refuses to accept that she failed. But when she receives a phone call from home, she has no choice but to get on the next train and face the past she ran out on all those years ago.


She left him once to live her dream, but can she do it again?

With big dreams of seeing her name in lights on Broadway, Daisy Hayes left behind her small town, family, and the only boy she ever loved. Six years later, broke,unsuccessful, and on the brink of being homeless, she refuses to accept that she failed. But when she receives a phone call from home, she has no choice but to get on the next train and face the past she ran out on all those years ago.

Nick Davis has never fully recovered after his high school sweetheart disappeared without an explanation only hours after he proposed. Throwing himself into school or work, and his father's illness, kept him going. But with his dad now gone and his career a success, he's out of distractions. So when Daisy Hayes comes back to town and he's face-to-face with the girl who broke his heart, he is forced to confront the demons of his past.

Unable to avoid each other, tensions heat up, old chemistry resurfaces, and a love they both thought was lost is found. But with one refusing to look back and the other refusing to let go, their second chance at forever might be over before it even begins.

Intro Into Chapter 1

Nick Davis had lost his damn mind. It was the only explanation for why he had willingly volunteered to put himself face to face with the girl who hadn’t only broken his heart but ripped it out and tap-danced across it on her way out of town and out of his life.

It had been six long years, and he still hadn’t fully recovered. He wasn’t sure if he ever would. How did he recover when the girl he always assumed was his soulmate up and left in the middle of the night without as much as a goodbye?

For a long time, he’d been angry at Daisy for being so selfish and not stopping to think about how her actions would hurt him. That was Daisy, though—self-absorbed and selfish at her core. It was a wonder he could have ever loved someone like that.

But she’d also been fun, carefree, lighthearted and genuinely kind. It was a ridiculous combination that had him worshipping the ground she walked on.

Daisy Hayes was an enigma, and god had he loved her.

He’d caught a glimpse of her blonde curls once about three years ago as she ducked into the Happy Apple on Main Street. It took everything he had not to follow her inside and demand an explanation. That’s all he truly wanted from her. He just needed to know why—why she didn’t care to leave a note or send a text. Hell, he would have settled for a message relayed from one of her five siblings, but they had been as clueless as he’d been.

There one minute and gone the next, Daisy had left behind a trail of heartbreak and questions, both of which would always be a proverbial thorn in his side.

He pulled into the bus station and parked his truck in the first open space. The clock on the old dashboard told him he had at least ten minutes before her bus was scheduled to arrive. He hit play on his Mumford and Sons album and closed his eyes for a second.

He’d just gotten back from a weekend business trip in Merrimack, where he’d secured placement at three restaurants to carry Five Leaf Brewery on tap.

Mason Hayes, his boss and Daisy’s brother, had been scheduled to pick her up, but Mason was working night and day to keep up with the demand brought on by all the new business Nick was bringing his way. Mason needed help, whether he wanted to admit it or not. While Nick questioned his current state of sanity, earlier he had willingly volunteered to pick up Daisy.

Mason had helped Nick when he needed it most though, so how could he not reciprocate?

Nick had graduated college with a 4.0, was the youngest person to achieve a senior sales position at Hershel’s, doubling his sales within the first quarter of his promotion. But when his dad had gotten sick, he couldn’t keep up with the busy schedule. He left Hershel’s behind and went home where he spent most of his days driving his dad to and from doctor appointments. But he had missed the rush of securing a sale, so he had taken a chance, determined to become the new face of sales for Red Maple Falls up-and-coming brewery, and went to Mason. Best damn decision he ever made.

His cell rang, and he turned down the music, glancing at the screen. Tyler’s name flashed, and he didn’t hesitate to answer his best friend.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“You at the brewery?” Tyler asked. “I want to run something by you and thought I’d stop by.”

“I’m actually not there right now.”

“You out on the road still?”

“I’m at the bus station.”

“You going somewhere?”

“Picking someone up.”

“You want to be a little less vague?”

“I’m picking up Daisy.”

Tyler went silent on the other end. It was a long uncomfortable stretch, and Nick didn’t need words to know exactly what Tyler was thinking. Tyler had been there for him after Daisy had skipped town and was all too aware of the dark days that had followed.

“Daisy,” he finally said disbelief evident in his tone. “As in, the girl who ruined you?”

“She didn’t ruin me.”

“No? So tell me again why you’re twenty-four and single?”

“You’re twenty-four and single.”

“Because I’m not into that happily-ever-after bullshit like you are. You always wanted to get married and have a family. That’s not me.”

“When you meet the right person that changes.” At least Nick had always thought so, up until the girl he thought was the right one had left him.

“If you say so. Look, I know you probably still have a hard-on for her, but for your own sanity, I’m warning you to stay clear. The only thing Daisy Hayes cares about is Daisy Hayes, and you deserve better than that, man. Always have.”

“I appreciate your concern, but I’m just picking her up and bringing her to the hospital.”

“What happened?”

“Her grandmother slipped and fell on some black ice. Broke her hip. She needs replacement surgery.”

“Shit. That sucks. I always liked Betty.”

“Most people do, which is why I’m putting the past behind me and doing the family a favor. I owe Mason that much.”

Mason hadn’t opened his doors to the public yet and had no money to offer, but Nick didn’t care. All he cared about was being back in the game, and he knew—if given the opportunity—he would be successful. So, he had offered Mason a deal that he couldn’t refuse—Nick would do all the work to prove his worth at no cost.

Nick always wondered why Mason hadn’t told him to turn around and walk away. Instead Mason had given him the opportunity to prove himself. It was the distraction Nick had needed to get his mind off of his dad’s illness. In the first month, Nick had secured placement for Mason’s beer in twenty-five restaurants in the state of New Hampshire, more than Mason had on hand, and from that moment on, Nick had been on the payroll.

Having something to work for, watching his efforts grow and expand and become tangible in front of his eyes, had given him the strength to keep on moving, to not let the hardships of life keep him down. Mason had given that to him, so offering to pick up Daisy when Mason had a million things on his plate was the least Nick could do.

“As long as that favor doesn’t wind up in your bed.”

“Unlike you, I can control my dick.”

“Maybe that’s your problem. If you’d let him out every now and again…”

“I have to go. The bus is here.” Nick watched as the bus pulled into the lot. Six years he’d waited for this moment, and now that it was here, he wished he had pushed it off longer.

“Fine, call me later. We’ll go to Calhoun’s and get a beer.”

“You got it.”

“And whatever you do, don’t make eye contact with her.”

“Goodbye, Tyler.” He hung up the phone and shoved it into his pocket, thinking about Tyler’s final warning. Nick used to joke that Daisy’s big blue eyes were hypnotic. One look into their depths and he would do just about anything for her. That was a long time ago; things were different now.

He got out of the truck and leaned against the hood, watching the people file off the bus one by one until he saw her.

She was like a radiant light floating down the steps. She had an undeniable presence that demanded attention. Her curly blonde hair was wild and uncontained, like she’d spent the entire ride tossing in her sleep. Her blue eyes were just as big and full of life, but there was a dullness there that told him life had been hard for her lately.

Wrapped in a designer scarf, she pulled it tighter around her neck as she scanned the parking lot. She fumbled with her bags, and he fought his natural instinct to go help her. He wanted to take her in for another moment before the awkwardness of six lost years drove a wedge between them.

She looked around the parking lot again then went to turn away when her gaze drifted in his direction. Before he could prepare himself, their eyes locked, bright blue to his golden brown, a million memories flooding back to him.

In that moment, he knew life was about to get complicated.

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