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Tattooed Boss ebook

Tattooed Boss ebook

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Main Tropes

  • Boss Romance
  • Curvy Heroine
  • Tattooed Hero
Set in the coastal small town of Willow Cove, Tattooed Boss is a boss romance between a sexy tattoo shop owner and his curvy employee.


Harley Love is becoming one of the most sought-after tattoo artists after she blew up on social media. Unfortunately, the trolls are trying to destroy her career when it was revealed she was in a relationship with a married man... except she didn't know he was married. And now his wife, a beloved influencer, has dragged her name.

When Garret Fox, the Tattoo King of the East, offered her a job, it was her chance to escape Vegas and hide out in a small town where no one knows who she is. But when her schedule continues to be open and an unexplainable incident points at trouble, she has no choice, but to tell her boss the truth.

As the bullying and attacks increase, she leans more on Garrett for support. But when that support amplifies her attraction to the gorgeous man, she struggles with falling for another man with a closed off heart.

Intro Into Chapter 1

The air was thick with the scent of salt, something Harley Love was getting used to. It was quite different from the desert air she was accustomed to. It’d been three weeks since the tattoo convention where she met her new boss, and two weeks since she packed everything she owned, leaving Las Vegas behind. Moving across the country should have been a big decision, but for Harley, it was a no brainer. Vegas was no longer home. It became too toxic, too nerve-wracking to even make a trip to the store and risk someone recognizing her, which wasn’t exactly a hard thing to do. Purple and black hair with a slew of tattoos made it hard to go incognito.

Here on the other side of the country, in a town that barely appeared on a map, she felt safe for the first time in months. She continued down the boardwalk and turned into Tattoo by the Sea, her new place of employment.

The shop owner, Garrett Fox, known in their industry as the Tattoo King of the East—a reputation he created in a very short time due to his exquisite line work and unbelievable original art. People flew in from all over the place to get his tattoos on their body. He stood at the counter, drinking his always present cup of coffee, staring at a sketch he had been working on. Harley was early as usual, but like always, he was already there before her.

His muscles bulged as he worked his hand across the page. A tilt of his head revealed the black and gray tattoos on the right side of his neck.

She didn’t want to be attracted to the man. He was her boss, and after her last unfortunate entanglement, men should’ve been the last thing on her mind. But Garrett was a wall of muscle covered in tattoos, with long dirty blond hair pulled back, revealing deep blue eyes.

She would look and appreciate, but beyond that, she’d keep the attraction to herself. In time it would pass… she hoped.

Garrett glanced up from the sketch and smiled. “Morning.”

She ignored the way the sunlight highlighted his large silhouette. “Morning.” She placed her bag on the counter. “Still working on the same sketch from yesterday?”

“I can’t seem to get it right.”

She glanced over his shoulder and shook her head. “It looks awesome. You’re overthinking it.”

“It’s important to my client. He wants to honor his late mother, and I want to make sure everything is incorporated properly. I still have to get her wedding ring in.”

“What about if you…?” She pointed to the pencil. “Can I?”

“Be my guest.” He handed her the pencil, and she angled the paper toward her.

“You have the rolling pin here, so why don’t you put the ring around the handle?”

The edge of Garrett’s mouth lifted, slipping effortlessly into a smile. “Duh. That makes the most sense, and I’ve done things like that a million times.”

“You were too close to it.”

“Thank you. You’re probably right. Now I can get this done in time for my client to come in. Do you have any appointments today?”

“I’m open until the end of the month, so I’ll take the walk-ins and help with the front desk since Frankie is out today.” It was a partial truth. When Garrett had hired her, it was with the impression she was booked a year in advance, and she had been, until the internet trolls descended on her and frequently made a spectacle outside her shop in Vegas. Appointments had canceled, and those who didn’t weren’t exactly thrilled she changed locations over two thousand miles away. A trip to Vegas was an added bonus to getting tattooed by her. A trip to bumfuck Maine definitely wasn’t as appealing to her clientele.

Still, she couldn’t tell Garrett the truth. She’d have to admit to her own shortcomings, to her lack of judgment and pure stupidity for thinking she could ever be happy. Women like her didn’t get happily ever afters, and she had been a fool to think otherwise. Now her career, her one true love, was in jeopardy, and she had no idea how to repair the damage.

Luckily, her boss was completely inept when it came to social media, so he had no idea her name had been tainted. Guilt surged through her every time he asked about her clients, a gnawing pain in her gut twisting and knotting as if trying to force the words out of her. She held strong, though. Garrett was a pure professional, and he’d never do anything to jeopardize his career.

Garrett gathered his drawing and pencils. “I’m sure you’re itching to dive back in.”

She nodded, afraid that if she spoke, she’d reveal too much emotion. She was more than itching. She was dying. Tattooing was her entire existence, and without it, she was no one.

“Since you have an opening, and I’m all for taking advantage of opportunities. I’m looking to get a new piece on my thigh.”

Her eyes widened. Garrett Fox, the Garrett Fox, wanted her ink on his body. “You want me to tattoo you?”

“Hell yeah, I do. You’re one of the best in the business. It would be a privilege to wear your ink. Besides, you left an established shop and clientele in Vegas to work for me. It’s the least I can do to honor your sacrifice.”

That unrelenting guilt reared its ugly head, flooding her body with heated dread. If he only knew her sacrifice wasn’t so honorable. It wasn’t even a sacrifice at all. His job offer was her escape from an environment that became too toxic.

“I’d love to,” she managed through the lump of guilt that now resided in her throat.

“Great! You can have free creative range. Do whatever you want.”

“You have no ideas? No direction you want me to go in?”

He flashed her a smile—a smile that had rendered her silent the first time they met and continued to do so every time he graced her with the knee wobbling gesture. “I trust you.”

“You’re giving a lot of trust to someone who’s going to mark you permanently.”

“I know your style. I love your style. It’s why I hired you.”

Her lips curved at the corners, and heat fluttered across her cheeks. She darted her gaze for a moment, trying to hide the pure joy that statement made her feel. It was more than joy. It was validation from a master in the industry she fought so hard to make a name in.

“I’ll get started on it now,” she said.

“Good. Maybe when we close up tonight, we can get started on the outline. That is, if you’re up for it.”

“Yes! Absolutely.”

“Then you better get to sketching.” He flashed her that damn smile again, grabbed his coffee, and headed to his station.

She didn’t mean to stare after him, but the man had a presence that couldn’t be ignored. He’s your boss. She shook her head, bringing herself to reality, and retrieved her sketchpad and a pencil. She had a tattoo to create. 

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